Friday, 31 August 2018

Synth-pop inspired band Kimono Loco drops infectious new single, ‘Big Boy’

London-based, and formerly known as “Regions”, Kimono Loco performed for the first time in a small west London pub in 2014. The rest is history. Consisting of James Hofbauer on vocals, Alejo Sonnenberg on drums, Chris Godfrey on guitar and Luke Hamlin on bass-guitar, Kimono Loco have been going from strength to strength since their inception and have just dropped their brand new single, titled ‘Big Boy’. 

The new track is a whirl of 80’s-inspired synth, attitude and big beats and deals with the trials and tribulations of adulthood, with the lyrics cheekily remarking “I’m a big boy now.” The track keeps to the band’s indie roots but has quirky pop edge to it, making it a unique and danceable track that’s bound to get stuck in your head after the first listen. In a press release, Kimono Loco explained that, “‘Big Boy’ is our most ridiculous track yet, and we wouldn't have it any other way. You can hear much more of the 80's in this EP and that's something you can expect from us in the future.”

Listen to ‘Big Boy’ by Kimono Loco here:

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Monday, 20 August 2018

Creux Lies present debut nostalgic post-punk album, 'The Hearth' via Cleopatra Records

Premiered on CVLT Nation, and released on August 17th, The Hearth was released via Cleopatra Records and is available on all streaming platforms as well as on CD via their Bandcamp page. In this album the band manages to masterfully blend the sounds of classic post punk with a newer, modern touch and approach. The result is beautiful melodies, clear vocals, and a nostalgic sound that takes one straight back to the 80's. 

Stream 'Portals' by Creux Lies below 
The creation of the record was the product of a lot of experimenting. Some tracks are based of older songs, while others are the result of simple riffs and melodies coming to life in the studio while playing around with various instruments. Creux Lies also believes it would be remiss not to credit Californian red wine in the writing process of this album. The band completed the production of The Hearth in late 2017, recorded at Earthtone Studios in Sacramento. The album was tracked under the innovative care of producer/engineer Patrick Hills (King Woman, Tera Melos, So Stressed) 

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Soul-pop for the soul with Annie Goodchild’s newest track ‘Ether’

Versatile musician Annie Goodchild has just shared her latest track, ‘Ether’, from her upcoming album ‘Meditative Mouthfuls’, which is scheduled to be released next month, on September 28. The newest track is a cinematic American roots number with Goodchild’s gorgeous soaring vocals taking the listener through a journey of jazzy guitar and groovy electronic beats. This dazzling musician is no stranger to the music world and has been honing her craft for many years now, fronting her soul band Melou, as well as collaborating with influential YouTube star Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox. Annie has also been a busy bee with her live performances at festivals, having opened for R&B queen Alicia Keys at the highly exclusive Baloise Session festival and played at the acclaimed Zermatt Unplugged and Montreux Jazz Festivals

On her latest single, the soulful songstress reflects:
 "‘Ether’ is a song I wrote for myself, which is a first. A reminder of self-love. It came out during a time where I consciously decided to not let fear dictate my path anymore. It’s not about everything becoming easy all of a sudden, but about a balance between the doubtful and self-conscious parts of me and the part of me that is showing up for myself. I played around with genres and wanted to have electronic elements throughout but not lose the organic feel that grounds the song. This soundscape is a theme throughout my new EP ‘Meditative Mouthfuls’."
Listen to ‘Ether’ by Annie Goodchild, below:
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

We spoke to Australian sibling-indie-synth band, Niterunner.

Australian siblings Andrea, Daniel and Cale Suesskow came together as a family to start Niterunner, and the sound they create is synth pop heaven. They recently released ‘Stay Tonight’ via Stoney Roads Records and it has been growing steadily on all streaming platforms as fans are hooked by the nostalgic sound the Suesskow’s create.

Their father owned a record store and DJ’ed in in spare time, providing the perfect musical background as their house was always filled with melodies and rhythms. As adults, they have followed careers as a veterinary nurse, chef and entrepreneur respectively. This has allowed them to each approach music from a different angle all coming together in their signature laid back sound.
Easily compared to legends like M83, St Lucia and LANY, they can easily create remorseful nostalgia or upbeat dancing though their use of 80s inspired production.

We sat down with Andre, Daniel and Cale Suesskow, AKA Niterunner, and spoke about their creative process, their live performances and so much more. 

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What does each member bring to the table?
Each of us bring a different flavour to the dinner party - Daniel is on the production/strings/keys side of things, Andrea writes melodies and lyrics and Cale acts as our mediator bringing a little bit of everything to the table, as well as playing the kit at our live shows.

Set the tone for us. How would you describe your sound?
It's a little bit pop, it's a little bit 80's, and it's a whole lot of dreamy production that would feel at home against a nostalgic coming of age love story.

What's on your current playlist?
Where to start?! A few tracks we are loving right now - Future Jr. - Changing, Men I Trust - Tailwhip & Oliver Ft. Chromeo - Go With It.
Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?
This varies a lot! Sometimes Andrea will write an acoustic demo on a guitar and Daniel will work his production magic, Daniel may bring an instrumental track to the table with a melody idea and Andrea will write the lyrics, or Cale may have already had the song in his mind bank for years. It's generally a pretty organic process for us and every time it falls together differently.

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Many things! They say heartbreak and despair is a good songwriting muse, but our best songs have come from seemingly inconsequential moments, interactions and observations that have led us to bigger feelings and stories. That, and whenever we all get together in the hills of our family home studio, it's always a good time.

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?
David Bowie is quoted as saying "It makes me so angry that people concentrate on lyrics. It implies there’s no message in the music itself." What are your thoughts on this statement? Music or lyrics?
All three of us would probably answer this differently, The simple answer is, there is absolute magic in both.
Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.
There is nothing more humbling and electrifying than seeing an audience have a moment with a song you have written, with something you've pulled out from deep inside your soul, and to see them sing along to your lyrics. It's surreal and It's the reason we make music.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?
The last show we played was at Arcadia Events Festival, and probably was one of our most fun shows to date. It was absolutely freezing so it felt only necessary to create a dance party to stay warm, there were people climbing and dancing on speakers and hay bales and a screaming encore to finish off (after Cale's ridiculous drum solo). It was very special.

If you had to choose between never playing live again, or never being able to release music again… Which would you go for, and why?
Ooo tough.. Again everyone would probably answer this differently, but Andrea's vote is to never release music again. You just can't beat that feeling of playing your music to a room of people.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?
We hope to have a few things in motion in the not too distant future, another release is in the pipeline, maybe a sneaky collaboration and hopefully some interstate live shows.

Famous last words?
Watch this space.
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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

LAUREL Shares Video for 'Same Mistakes' from Upcoming Debut Album

If you’ve been following all the latest indie-chatter lately, the name LAUREL would’ve popped up quite often. Up and coming star from the UK, LAUREL has released her official music video for her track ‘Same Mistakes’ from her upcoming debut album DOGVIOLET out 24 August via Counter Records

Laurel Arnell-Cullen, better known as just LAUREL, is a Welsh-British chamber pop and indie musician from Southampton. The indie-star has seen support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Steve Lamaca, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart, John Kennedy, Apple Music, Spotify, The Guardian, Wonderland and I-D Magazine. She’s even had partnerships with reputable brands like Burberry, Ellesse, Levis and Vans, all proving that this is an act you can’t miss out out. She’s previously released two tracks from DOGVIOLET titled ‘Crave’ and ‘Lovesick’, both proving already popular in the indie music scene. 

The video for LAUREL’s ‘Same Mistakes’ is perfect in the way it captures LAUREL’s visual aesthetic she has become known for. Shot in Paris on Super 8 film by Kimbra Audrey, the video follows LAUREL as she sits in a faded pink studio room while the lyrics appear on the bottom. Her face truly encapsulates the lyrics, as she ‘sings along’ without ever moving her lips. ‘Same Mistakes’ is being portrayed by her facial expression alone, and only drives the message home as she croons “And I lay awake making the same mistake; thinking of you”

‘Same Mistakes’ proves yet again that LAUREL’s upcoming debut album, DOGVIOLET will be a standout feature and it’s one we certainly cannot wait for.

Watch LAUREL - Same Mistakes:
LAUREL’s live schedule:
Thurs 20th BIRMINGHAM, The Sunflower Lounge
Fri 21st MANCHESTER, Soup Kitchen
Sat 22nd GLASGOW, Stereo
Sun 23rd NEWCASTLE, The Think Tank
Tues 25th SHEFFIELD, The Leadmill – Steel Stage
Weds 26th LEEDS, Oporto
Thurs 27th LIVERPOOL, Sound – Basement
Sat 29th BRISTOL, The Lanes
Sun 30th PORTSMOUTH, Wedgewood Rooms
Mon 1st BRIGHTON, The Hope & Ruin
Thurs 4th LONDON, The Dome Tuffnell Park


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