Thursday, 14 March 2019

Danish artist, Fred Seul, releases touching song; 'Capable'

Completely produced, performed and recorded by Fred Seul himself, the Denmark musician has released a brand new single in the form of 'Capable'. On his own Facebook page he's simply described as "A universe based on real stories, where sadness gets converted into joy. It's relatable and honest". It's truly the best way to describe Fred Seul's music. 

It's raw, emotional, tender, yet strong and true to himself and the world that he finds himself in. 'Capable' tells the story of the rising of the oceans. It is a pop-infused track with extraordinary hooks and a sound that keeps you coming back for more.

We can all relate to feelings of heartbreak and sadness, and even questioning if you're capable of love yourself. Fred Seul provides the listener with a 3-min escape as he bares his heart. He embodies 'if you're caught in a flood, then you will have to learn how to walk on water'. Embrace what's happening around you. And become better because of it. 

Fred Seul is the perfect artist fro a Sunday morning with a glass in your hand. His music personifies introspection with the help of dreamy guitars and textured vocal harmonies. You should definitely start putting Fred Seul's name on any 'artist to watch' list. 

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Firewoodisland to release blissful melancholy track 'Storm'

Firewoodisland has shared their new digital/organic single 'Storm.' The Bristol-based duo have already seen success with previous releases, and as no stranger to the spotlight, can boast having their music featured on the score for Netflix’s ‘Shadow Hunters’ which is scheduled to air soon.

Hailing from different parts of Europe, Stian Vedøy grew up on Karmøy, a west-coast island in Norway, while Abi Eleri grew up in the mountains of North Wales. Firewoodisland, a direct translation of Stian's surname, started off as a solo project in Cardiff where he was studying music production at university. Here he met Abi, who was studying illustration, and she began to create artwork for the band. The rest, as they say, is history, and Firewoodisland has since released release their debut EP, ILD, in 2014, followed by several singles, second EP Dome in 2016 and their debut album Chaos Is The State Of The Heart in 2018.

'Storm' is an introspective piano-driven track, beautifully harmonized by the duo. Lyrically, Firewoodisland offer valuable insight, and they explain the inspiration behind the song: "The idea for ‘Storm’ and most of the song shot down like lightning in the autumn of 2018. The weather was behaving really strangely and our neighborhood ended up being the centre of a storm. This ironically mirrored our personal lives in a stressful and chaotic season. ‘Storm’ is about being able to accept and abide in the turbulent circumstances that you're in, and not to be consumed by them."

'Storm' will be officially released across all platforms on March 15th.

Live dates:
26 March: The Big Top, Cardiff
27 March: The Brunswick, Brighton
29 March: The Finborough Arms, London
30 March: The Louisiana, Bristol

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