Wednesday, 31 July 2019

The Rocket Summer announces new album 'Sweet Shivers' set to release 2nd August 2019

Creative output has never been an issue for Bryce Avary, better known by his long-time moniker The Rocket Summer. While for some, songs come in a steady drip, Avary has always been drinking from the proverbial fire hose. The origin story of his new album Sweet Shivers then, which traces multiple studios in different cities, is not one of writer’s block. Songwriting for Avary is the air he breathes, and the only grand design in recent years has been to live. “Writing is where I feel most normal, it's where I come alive” he reflects. “It's therapeutic, so I just keep writing until I'm buried in too much material. Somehow my twisted logic to get out from under the mountain of songs is to just write even more.” It wasn’t until he sat down to comb through fifty plus songs and ideas that an album began to crystalize.

Fans have flocked to Avary’s optimistic and exuberant songcraft and the community it inspires for years, and to that end Sweet Shivers does not disappoint; but the album is multi-dimensional and nuanced. After several years living in Los Angeles, Avary decamped to a cabin in rural Texas to recharge and find inspiration. Avary explains the motivation, saying “I wanted to write the album from different geographical locations to help inform and inspire different viewpoints”. After acclimating to big city life, isolation proved reflective and often difficult, but moments of serendipity helped point the way. “Right when I got to Texas, this honeybee landed directly in front of me and seemed as though it was almost trying to communicate. Parts of my life felt a bit upside down at this time, and the bee just hung out with me for a bit. I thought about how bees see flowers differently from humans and in at that moment I realized maybe the message was perhaps there’s a beauty in seeing from a different perspective; perhaps I need to see like the bee.” Avary snapped a photo that ultimately would become the album cover, but its centricity to the album wouldn’t become clear until looking back later. Avary explains, "to me this whole record and just the overall theme of my life the last couple of years is finding beauty in seeing from a different perspective, especially when areas of life feel a bit convoluted.” The resulting album is modern and alive, and an honest reflection on both where Avary has been, and where he’s going.

From the moment he exploded onto the scene as a teenager in the early 2000s at the forefront of a wave of indie pop, Avary has been a musical force. Charging out of Texas and onto the international stage he has never been in short supply of ear-worm hooks and effortless charm. The Rocket Summer's first full-length album, Calendar Days, won considerable national attention in 2003 before being followed by 2005's Hello, Good Friend, which peaked at No. 26 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart.  The Rocket Summer's indie success helped to win Avary a deal with Island/Def Jam, which released Do You Feel in 2007.  That album reached the Top 50 on the Billboard album charts and #16 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums charts, while spawning a pair of popular singles in "So Much Love" and "Do You Feel."  Of Men and Angels followed in 2010, debuting at #1 on iTunes and producing hits in "Walls", "You Gotta Believe”, and “Hills and Valleys”.
 For the Rocket Summer's 2012 album Life Will Write the Words Avary followed his dream of starting his own label, moving from Island/Def Jam to his own Aviate Records. The album debuted at #58 on the Billboard Top 200 and #12 on Billboard's Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums chart. 2016’s follow up Zoetic marked a sonic departure from Avary’s previous work as he forged into unexplored territory and more experimental sounds, described by Substream Magazine as “if Trent Reznor, Mutemath and Paper Route formed a super group in secret.” The album was The Rocket Summer’s best critically received, with high praise from Paste who wrote “Zoetic proves Bryce a master at creating catchy, upbeat anthems”.

Debuting at such a young age, Avary has matured musically and emotionally alongside his fans, from indie pop crooner to indie rock mainstay. Perhaps that fact reflects the bond he feels with his fans and their loyalty. In a digital world that obfuscates human interaction, Avary has remained steadfastly committed to maintaining direct relationships with those who support him, and for all the rock star looks and performances, Avary is betrayed by the simple fact that he’s a genuinely and intensely good person.

Now with Sweet Shivers, Avary’s musical evolution and the breadth of his songwriting is on full display. The album is stunningly expansive, from the opening crescendos of “Morning Light” to the frenetic closing notes of “m & m”. There are hallmarks of Avary’s familiar songwriting style in lyrics that manage to be both extremely personal and universally applicable. There are crowd anthems in the defiant song “Shatter Us” and tender moments of empathy with “Blankets”. “Peace Signs” is a plea for peace, dressed as an apathetic satire of the state of the world. The common sonic thread throughout is a commitment to the organic process. “I wanted to make sure I put real microphones in front of real drums and physically played them,” Avary notes. “Real microphones in front of real guitars, pianos and amplifiers to keep it fully human. Every note is performed outside the computer.” As with previous records, Avary’s musical virtuosity is apparent. He wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed every instrument on the album.

There’s an underlying forward motion that propels the album. Indeed, the hunger for constant progress has underscored much of Avary’s life and career. In late 2018 he returned to LA to finish the album and chart his path forward. For Avary, there’s a basic desire that sets his course, and as is often the case with The Rocket Summer, the lyrics speak best for themselves. Halfway through the album in an unassuming interlude is a simple claim: “I want a life with the world in it”.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Alternative-pop musician, Jacob Lee shares ‘Zen’ music video

Jacob Lee, the independent singer/songwriter based out of Gold Coast, Australia, shared the music video for ‘Zen’ on July 26th, premiering on Youtube via his own label Philosophical Records. With a father who was both a bassist and vocalist, it would be simple to say that a path as a musician had been set for Lee from the start however, it seems like the arts overall were calling to the alternative-pop sensation. Lee also intends to release ‘Jacob Lee's Book of Lyricism (Vol 1)’, launching in 2019.

Here’s a sneak peek for the lyrics to ‘Zen’:

“I have known since I was young that I could separate myself
Trace along a synapse in my brain and take on someone else
Peak into a life that I have never known and tell their tales

Reach in my pockets with nothing but consciousness I tend to
Sit upon my hands until my heart achieves a state of Zen”

While maintaining a true individuality, his sound can be likened to that of James Bay, Calum Scott and Sleeping At Last. The music video and lyrics lend themselves to poetry, allowing the message to stand free without the music attached to it. The music emphasises and improves the message but is not the sole carrier in this presentation of the world of art.

“In the clip, we see a naive version of myself deep in a maze, whilst the other dwells alone throughout a mansion. My hope was to portray my regular self as lost & confused, while the other radiated a sense of wisdom. I wanted there to be a mysterious distance between the two initially, though ultimately they would connect & the innocent version of me would be shown the way & lead onward.” - Lee on the concept behind the music video.

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Life at the Arcade release new song 'Antidote' and announce summer tour plans

The ideal remedy to the summertime blues, ‘Antidote’ is an adrenaline inducing shot of heart-pounding riffs, cascading drumrolls and frenetic fret-work that stakes its place as one of the the most confident moments in the band’s catalogue to date.

A love song of sorts, ‘Antidote’ is an impassioned tribute to someone close to the band who has provided that essential lifeline in their hour of need. Recorded in the prestigious Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool, a studio that has welcomed an esteemed array of artists from The 1975 to Oasis, The LA’s & many more; Life At The Arcade now etch their name into its history with this engrossing new cut.

Ablaze with the guitar histrionics and a bombastic production that nods to the 80s, ‘Antidote’ was produced and mixed by James Mellor, and further mastered by Mike Cave (who also worked on the band’s tempestuous previous single: ‘Tabloids’ earlier this year).

Speaking about the new single, frontman Paddy Clegg says:
“This song shows the heavier sounding side of Life At The Arcade. I wrote this track about having someone being my drug / reason to keep me on my feet when times were pretty s**t”.
Renowned among fans as a regular opener of Life At The Arcade’s emphatic live sets, the band will be touring ‘Antidote’ with a string of UK shows this Summer. Full dates and details as follows:

20 July - Sheffield, Tramlines
28 July - Y NOT Festival, Derbyshire
25 August - Preston - TBA
31 August - Skeleton Coast Festival, Leaslowe Castle

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SUNGLO released a special headline EP

The first two years of SUNGLO’s existence have been building up to this moment. The 4-piece have been bubbling under the surface of Manchester’s alternative music scene, building up a fanbase and causing a ruckus in their live shows, and now it’s time for their debut EP. ‘Are You Happy?’ features their first two singles ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Elevator Belle’ as well as three brand new tracks to launch the biggest stage of their journey so far. Set for release on the 18th July, with a special headline EP release show booked at Night & Day, Manchester to celebrate, this is a true statement of intent from the young psychedelic rockers.

Perfectly described by BBC Introducing as “happy filth,” SUNGLO sit somewhere between happy and sad in their raw, experimental sound. Their soft melodic tones take you through a wonderland one minute, then into hazy, grungy chaos the next. Opening track ‘Rainpour’ goes in at full pelt with screeching beefy guitar riffs, plenty of reverb, big-room choruses and is next level frantic. This is followed by their second single, the critically acclaimed ‘Elevator Belle,’ a song that captures the feeling of bipolar not only through the lyrics, but its drastic switching between the calm and a storm. ‘The Feeling’s Gone’ has an undeniable swag and groove about it, not to mention one of the most gnarly guitar solos you’ll hear in a long time. Taking things back to the start, track 4 is their first ever single release ‘I Don’t Mind,’ a song that turned them into ‘ones-to-watch’ in no time. Finally, closing the EP is ‘Forget About It,’ a fuzzy daydream of a song that rounds things off peacefully. On writing the EP, lead singer and guitarist Kady Jones added:

“Are You Happy?' is a very personal DIY release that includes some of the first songs we ever wrote together as a band. It covers the grapple of holding onto your inner child while growing into the person you want to be, as well as dealing with the overwhelming sense of dysphoria that can hit like a sucker punch when you leave education and are thrown into a world that expects you to become a fully-fledged 'adult' overnight. They're all songs with themes we think people will be able to connect to in some way or another and we hope it makes our listeners question what makes them happy so that they can go out and do exactly that”

As well as supporting the likes of Orchards and Slothrust, and causing havoc in and around Manchester, SUNGLO have been turning plenty of heads in their short history, and now they’re about to embark on a tour to support the new EP.

Armed with genre-bending music that takes you back to multiple eras of rock and roll, an explosive live show and downright likeability, this is the start of something much, much bigger for SUNGLO. Are You Happy?

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Sunny Gray shares video for new song ‘Equilibrium'

Melantronic soul." What is this?" you may ask. Well, Sunny Gray is about to explain it to you. The London-based artist has just shared the video for his new track ‘Equilibrium’ - a track he says is a "warning chant" for the state of our environment.

“The track is a warning chant, an invitation to raise our awareness and open our eyes and hearts to hear the cry of pain in our world. The word EQUILIBRIUM is not only a very old word coming from Latin, the language of some of my ancestors, representative of my Sardinian roots, it’s also a word that depicts a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. I sensed this struggle between the opposites as soon as I landed in the city (London). The artificial entity born from the ashes and the roots of the environment, taking over the latter. I’m feeling we’re slowly but inevitably breaking the harmony between us and mother nature. We’re reaching a point of no return. This song is an invitation to stop, reflect, re-discuss our lives and habits, escape the labyrinth made of gold and greed we’ve built. Equilibrium means balance. Without balance, there is no respect. Without respect, no love exists. Without love, we are no more"

Sunny Gray's influences are vast and varied. The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Clash, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden to R&B/Soul artists with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Jordan Rakei and Sampha and the trip-hop names like Massive Attack and Portishead.

It's difficult to define him in terms of genre, and perhaps "melantronic soul" cannot be shackled to any one category. We'll let you decide for yourself. Watch below and catch him live on Sunday, August 4th - Camden Assembly - 49 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London.

‘Equilibrium’ on Spotify - Apple Music

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Only Sun breaks into summer with a music video for 'It'll be alright'

New single ‘It’ll Be Alright’ marks a strident return to Only Sun’s effervescent indie-pop roots. With its dancing calypso rhythms and balmy sun-kissed guitar lines, “It’ll Be Alright” is a shot of pure Vitamin D drenched euphoria, custom-made to soundtrack those ethereally long evenings and lush, languid days spent outdoors.

Laden with the same refreshingly optimistic outlook and good time vibes that have seen Only Sun winning over audiences across the nation left, right and centre in recent months, ’It’ll be Alright’ is released on the brand new CLOSEUP Label and is already going down with fans like a Mr Whippy on a blazing hot day.

Making a case for being one of the hardest working band’s on the indie scene right now, Only Sun ambitiously delivered 12 top-drawer singles in 12 months in 2018 alone (racking up over 1.6 million Spotify streams in the process), before making their debut on the CLOSEUP label in 2019 with the sensational ‘VICE’. Frequently found in tastemaker playlists including The Indie List, Hot New Bands, New Music Friday UK and earning praise from BBC Radio 6 kingpins Steve Lamacq & Tom Robinson, and from Clash Magazine (who praised the band as: “five dreamers who want to make music that really says something”) and across the wider blogosphere, word is beginning to spread like wildfire about this intrepid indie five piece. And with a string of high profile sold out shows to their name across the UK in 2019 already, it’s clear that this band’s time in the sun is now.
The release of ‘Alright’ follows the confirmation of a recent tour slated for Autumn 2019; a string of dates that will see Only Sun play their biggest UK Headline shows to date. Full dates and details below:


12/10 - Middlesborough, Twistarella
24/10 - Southampton, Heartbreakers
26/10 - London, The Camden Assembly
29/10 - Glasgow, Attic Bar
30/10 - Birmingham, The Castle & Falcon
31/10 - Sheffield, Cafe Totem
1/11 - Newcastle, Surf Cafe
2/11 - Liverpool, SOUND

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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Pixies release new music video - welcome you onboard a psychedelic excursion with no drugs needed!

You are about to enter a hallucinatory space populated by witches and psychics, tarot cards and crystal balls, madness and trepidation, and a harrowing ride in a hearse driven by a Hell Hound.  During this cosmic trek, you will likely slide into infinity, a place where the "eerie" and “magical" seem to be part of the very air.  No need for psychedelics to tune into what you are about to witness.  Just sit back, click PLAY, and take a mind-bending plunge with Pixies' new music video, 'On Graveyard Hill';

 A tip of the hat to film director Kenneth Anger, the 'On Graveyard Hill' video was conceived and directed by Kii Arens (Devo’s 'What We Do', Queens of the Stone Age’s 'The Vampyre of Time and Memory') and Bobbi Rich and shot in Los Angeles.  Said Arens, "Directing for the all mighty Pixies is quite an honor, and I was given complete artistic freedom to do what I wished.  The freedom to do so makes sense as to why they are such an original, real deal band.  I started my career in music creating rock art so it’s perfect for this psychedelic freak-out video release."

 'On Graveyard Hill', that debuted at #1 on FMQB’s SubModern Chart, is the first track from Pixies upcoming album 'Beneath The Eyrie' (BMG), produced by GRAMMY-nominated Tom Dalgety, and due out September 13th.  Episode Four of the 12-episode 'It’s a Pixies’ Podcast', where the band pulls back the curtain to shine light on the album's recording process, will post globally this Thursday on Apple, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher, Google and other podcast platforms.  The band - Black Francis/vocals, guitars; Joey Santiago/guitars, David Lovering/drums, and Paz Lenchantin/bass - will support the album’s release with an extensive 2019-2020 world tour that will launch on Saturday,  August 31 at the Daydream Festival in Pasadena, CA.  This will mark the first time the band has shared a stage with the festival's curators The Cure in 30 years, the first time being in 1989 at L.A.'s Dodger Stadium.  Pixies will then head to the UK for its first European tour in two years, that begins September 13th.  Further worldwide dates to be announced shortly.



13  Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, UK

14  Pavilions, Plymouth, UK

16  O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK

17  O2 Academy, Leeds, UK

18  O2 Apollo, Manchester, UK

20  Alexandra Palace, London, UK

21  O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK

22  O2 Academy, Glasgow, UK

23  Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK

25  Ulster Hall, Belfast, UK

26  Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

David Baron shares the heart-rending lyric video for his song ‘Bad Bad Love’ feat. Donna Lewis

Visuals for David Baron’s ‘Bad Bad Love’, featuring the renowned songstress Donna Lewis, have been released on the 22nd of July, via Here & Now Recordings. 'Bad Bad Love' follows Baron's previous single 'People Of No Concern' (feat. Lettie & Madeleine), released May 10th.

The superb composition, bolstered by the divine voice of Donna Lewis, now boasts a touching visual accompaniment courtesy of Flock Of Crows Motion Design. Baron took to social media to express his delight, stating “(t)he video brings the song to life for me”.

The video presents Lewis’ lyrics alongside a series of images that communicate a narrative of painful, forced separation: A distressed mother, the silhouette of a solitary child, steel fences, an armed soldier and a red hand closed over lines of barbed wire. The colour palette is limited to shades of grey, suggesting loss and depression, and red, the colour of passionate love, violence, danger and anger.

Speaking of the track, Baron explains: “It is the mournful yearning of a mother who has been separated from her child. Achingly beautiful, heartbreaking, and appropriate for our times. The musical form is reminiscent of a canon, a repeating chord sequence of low strings that slowly blossom until taking us right back to the original question.”

The song and video convey a powerful message relating to the immediate global concerns of migration, geopolitics and inequality. It is a bold and valiant offering on all fronts.

Watch the video for ‘Bad Bad Love’ below:

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The Spitfires releases their new song 'Enough Is Enough'

After a relentless 2019 of touring across the UK and Europe, as well as showcasing their explosive live show on a live EP release in March, The Spitfires’ onslaught of playing shows and releasing music is taking an overhaul of fresh ideas and inspiration, as they get ready to release their most ambitious single to date, ‘Enough Is Enough.’ Scheduled to land on the 19th July via Catch 22 Records, Billy Sullivan, Sam Long and Matt Johnson have flexed their creative muscle once more with this eccentric rock masterclass.

With addictive horn melodies, delicate guitar work and a soft opening, the raw, emotive song writing of Billy Sullivan is lifted to another level in the arena-sized choruses that echo throughout the track. Featuring an extended jam section of driving percussion, soloing and experimentation, the creative juices are overflowing in this one from the get-go. Whilst maintaining their working-class ethos that has won over fans from just about every corner of the globe, it’s evident that they’re taking things in a new direction new here. On creating ‘Enough Is Enough,’ Billy Sullivan added:

“Enough Is Enough was one of the first tracks I wrote after the release of our last album Year Zero. However, it was only when it got into the hands of Simon Dine, our new producer, that the song really come to life. We were able to stretch what we were capable of as musicians and as a band in the studio due to Simon’s recording techniques and ability to get the best out of us. I think it’s a brilliant starting point to a new phase of The Spitfires. Press play and dance.”

 Through their albums ‘Response,’ ‘A Thousand Times’ and ‘Year Zero,’ The Spitfires have a unique ability of bending genres, and as a result have created a sound only identifiable to them. Whether it’s having a #1 album in the UK Independent Chart, performing on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, selling out London’s 100 Club two nights in a row or touring around the world non-stop, they’ve never failed to impress their incredibly loyal fans, who now get the first taste of a new chapter in their story. The song may be different, but the energy, attitude and commitment remain the same.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

New music video from alternative pop-rock trio Hunger for their latest song, ‘Light It Up’.

The alternative pop-rock outfit, Hunger, have shared the video for their new single ‘Light It Up’ on the 5th of July via Born and Raised Records. The cinematic influences for Hunger’s songs come from many different genres. At times, it is an independent movie’s carefully crafted scene, and sometimes it is a Hollywood blockbuster’s epic scale that fires up their imagination.

“'Light It Up' is about adventures, moments and memories we've experienced and still want to experience in our lives. It’s an anthem for going out and to live and experience life and its freedoms. We wrote and recorded the song in a little hut in the Austrian alps. The 'gospel choir' halfway through the song was recorded in a tiny kitchen and is basically just the three of us and our producer singing in hundreds of tracks.” - Hunger on their latest single.

The music video fully embraces the concept of the anthem, with an urge to run free and feel the sun soaking your skin. The tone is set far apart from the origins of the song, within the Austrian Alps and yet the sense of adventure that accompanies the area is well engrained into the single.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Lakes Share Video For New song 'Reindeer' Feat. Paul Etienne of Nervus

Watford alternative, indie, emo newcomers LAKES have revealed the music video for their new single 'Reindeer', the latest track to be taken from their debut album The Constance LP which is set for release 2nd August 2019. 

The video is the second instalment of ten planned videos that the band plan to share in tandem with the album release. This second video features Paul Etienne who plays keyboards in British alternative-punk band Nervus and is also involved in releasing Lake's new record through label The LP Cafe. Vocalist/guitarist Roberto Cappellina explains more: 

“Basically, if you were a teenager in Watford during the early naughties; you either went to shows or chucked eggs at people. Reindeer is a nod to the scene we grew up watching and playing in, and Paul is a massive part of that; not only with The LP Cafe, but also the awesome bands he plays in (Nervus and The Social Club). He’d literally just got back off tour, and we got him up at the crack of dawn to shoot this. He is the ultimate party man."

"This is video two of ten, and knowing that not everyone will be watching them in order, I wanted to make sure they worked as stand-alone videos, as well as being able to tell a story. Sam, having fled the wedding in the previous video, seeks refuge at a friend’s house (Paul), who then goes about his morning routine around Watford, before returning to find she’s gone.”

Earning their stripes in pubs and clubs of the Watford music scene, LAKES have been emboldened with a DIY attitude that was born from frustration of life on the peripheries of a capital city. Taking influence from mid-western emo, math rock and alternative indie, the group's independent attitude has led them to record all their own music, produce their own music videos and with families of their own - organise child-friendly matinee gigs in their hometown. 

What began as a naming convention for drummer Matthew Shaw's acoustic demos quickly developed into a sextet, bonding over a love of artists like American Football, Minus The Bear and Into It Over It and completed by the addition of Sam Neale on vocals and glockenspiel adding to the bands unique trademark sound. 

'The Constance LP' will be released officially on 2nd August on Friend of Mine Records, with a limited-edition lake blue vinyl available through The LP Café. It is available HERE to pre-order now. 

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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Alternative Pop-Rock Trio, ‘HUNGER’ set to light up the room with latest song

Today, alternative pop-rock trio, HUNGER, have just premiered their new single ‘Light It Up’ via Born and Raised Records. ‘Light It Up’ is the first single of their debut album, Mosaik due to be released on December 20, 2019.

Childhood friends; Daniel Rumpel, Johannes Herbst and Lucas Fendrich formed the band after growing up in Austria and discovering punk-rock together. Slowly, as they grew as musicians they leaned more towards dark, cinematic sounds and a moody blend of alt-rock and synth-pop. The result is a sound that could be comprable to Imagine Dragons, The Neighbourhood and 30 Seconds To Mars, while maintaining their own unique sound. Their latest single, “Light It Up” is a step towards the more pop side of influences while maintaining their aforementioned uniqueness.

“'Light It Up' is about adventures, moments and memories we've experienced and still want to experience in our lives. It’s an anthem for going out and to live and experience life and its freedoms. We wrote and recorded the song in a little hut in the Austrian Alps. The 'gospel choir' halfway through the song was recorded in a tiny kitchen and is basically just the three of us and our producer singing in hundreds of tracks.” - HUNGER on their latest single

Hunger will be performing on August 16 in Vienna, Austria at Hafen Open Air.

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Unconstrained desire is explored in Analog’s newest song, ‘Tame’

Rock outfit Analog is back with their second single "Tame" from their upcoming full-length album Portable People. The track is a headbanging portrait of unconstrained desire, the resulting limbo of driving guitars and catchy hooks leaving the listener in a whirlwind of moreish rock vibes.

Along with the track's release, the band also deliver its accompanying music video. Directed and edited by Andrés Monsalve, the video tells the story of a steamy high stakes affair, the betrayal soon turning deadly when uncovered. The intensity of the visuals perfectly matches the anticipation building tune, boiling over at the crescendo of the chorus.

“We as humans tend to take everything for granted. Especially when it’s right under our nose. Once it’s gone, We suddenly ache for it.  We always want what we can’t have.” - Albae Camino, lead vocals and guitar, on his latest single.

Analog are influenced by Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and Robert Johnson. The Portable People LP, due out on July 5th, will be the band's first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014.

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